How to Become a Licensed Engineer in Canada

Foreign Engineering graduates have a number of possibilities to immigrate to Canada such as Federal Skilled Worker program. Foreign qualified engineers can enjoy higher salaries and better life in Canada once necessary licensing from the Canadian province or territory has been obtain.

It is not legal in Canada to work as a Professional Engineer without obtaining the required license. However, foreign nationals who are not Canadian permanent residents can apply to star the process of engineering certification so that they can start working as Professional Engineer after arriving in Canada.

The Professional Engineer certification is a lengthy process and can take over twelve months. Each Canadian province and territory may require different documentation and application approval process outlined by the provincial/territorial engineering bodies. However, the applicants must complete the following 5 steps in order to obtain professional engineering certification in Canada:

  1. Academic Evaluation
  2. Work Experience and References Assessment
  3. Language Proficiency Evaluation
  4. Character Assessment
  5. Professional Practice Examination

1. Academic Evaluation:

All the engineering applicants must have an education level that is equivalent to a 4 year undergraduate degree in an engineering discipline. Foreign academic credentials must be evaluated by a designated organization Canadian equivalency.

The provincial/territorial certification body may also test the applicants in math, basic science and engineering, applied engineering and design.

2. Work Experience and References Assessment:

All the applicants are required have at least four year experience in the engineering discipline including a minimum of 12 months of work experience in Canada under the supervision of a Professional engineer.

The applicants can start the certification process such as academic assessment before completing the required 12 moths work experience.

3. Language Proficiency Evaluation:

All engineering certification applicants must Engineers must exhibit their communication skills in either of the official language of Canada – English or French. The immigrants may be able to use documentation used to demonstrate their proficiency in English or French using the documents they used for immigration process.

4. Character Assessment:

The reference required to verify applicant’s honesty, integrity and general good character must be professional engineers. One of the references has to be licensed to work in Canada as professional engineer.

5. Professional Practice Examination:

The Professional engineering practice examination is held twice a year. All applicants wishing to practice as professional engineer must pass the examination.

Once all the above 5 steps are completed, the applicant becomes the member of the professional governing body and he/she can practice as a Professional engineer in Canada.


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