A World of Opportunity – Canada Immigrant Investor Program

Canada is a country built and peopled by immigrants from all over the world. Businesspersons, in particular, have always been among the pillars of the country’s success.

In recognition of this, the Governments of Canada and Quebec have developed programs to help entrepreneurs from other parts of the world settle in Canada and become Canadian citizens. At the core of Canada’s government programs is an investment in a five year interest free government guaranteed note. Once the government processes your application for Canada Immigrant Investor Program or Quebec Immigrant Investor Program and confirms receipt of your investment, a visa is issued allowing you and your family to come and live in Canada.

At the end of the five-year investment period, your full capital is returned. After a required period of residency in Canada, you become eligible for Canadian citizenship. And as Canadians, you will have an asset that is beyond price – World Citizenship.

Brilliancy Immigration Inc is Certified Agent of National Bank Financial for the Canada Immigrant Investor Program. According to Louis Leblanc, Vice-President Managing Director, Immigrant Investor Program, National Bank Financial:

Our Reputation with the government is unequaled. No client has ever lost money with National Bank Financial.

Let Brilliancy Immigration Inc. through its immigration experts handle your application for Canada immigrant investor program in partnership with National Bank Financial. We can arrange required investment of CAN$800,000 for a fee so that you do not have to liquidate your assets.

Contact us today and open yourself to a world of opportunity.


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