Application Process for Canadian Immigration – Federal Skilled Worker Program

If you are planning to apply for Canadian immigration under the Federal Skilled Worker class, then you should know what steps will be involved in the application process.

Effective June 26, 2010, following are the processing steps for applications for Canadian Immigration under the Federal Skilled Worker class:

  • The principal applicant must assess the eligibility by calculating the score against the six selection factors such as qualifications, experience, occupation, age, language skills  and adaptability. If the score is 67 or more and the occupation is listed in the 29 high demand occupations, then the applicant can apply under Federal Skilled Worker Class.
  • The next step is to obtain all the application forms and fill by answering all the questions truthfully. You must ensure that forms are complete in all respect otherwise complete package will be returned to you.
  • Calculate the processing fee for all the persons accompanying you to Canada and attach the fee with the forms.
  • Collect all the required documents including IELTS/TEF scores,  proof of funds and Photos etc.
  • The application is ready to be submitted at the centralized intake office (CIO) in Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • CIO will assess the application based on the available documents and if you qualify will forward your application to the designated country visa post.
  • In case application does not meet the selection criteria, the application package will be returned and processing fee refunded.
  • Applicant is asked to undergo medical examination and it is applicant’s responsibility to pay expenses related to medical  exam. The applicant will also be asked to submit the Police clearance certificate.
  • Once application has been approved, applicant will be asked to pay the  Right to Permanent Resident fee. This fee is refundable if the applicant decides to cancel the application or does not utilize the visa.
  • At this stage your original passports will be required for the issuance of visa.

The whole process is very straight forward and involves easy steps, however, keep in mind that even a minor error may lead to the rejection or returning of your application. The application is assessed according to the book of laws.  Thus, hiring an immigration consultant can ensure that even the smallest of details are not missed to avoid any unnecessary delays and possible rejection even if you believe to qualify.



  1. I have done M.Sc. (Hons) in animal nutrition and I have come to know from that all agricultural sciences are not applicable for Canada immigration.
    How do u claim that agricultural sciences are applicable?

  2. I am an Architect. I have already submitted application under federal skilled worker category. I found a mistake in my application after i sent it to CIO. I wrote the number of family member “1” instead of “4” mistakenly. But i sent all other documents of 4 family members including application processing fees. in other parts of application also, i mentioned my family members are accompanying me under this application. Will it be treated as incomplete applicaton? Its a simple typing mistake. Will the application package be returned? Is there anyway to correct this mistake? Please suggest.

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  4. Humayun Aftab Kiani on

    Sir, any body for the feild of Geography can Also apply for immigartion Please i want information about this Thank You Very Much.

  5. Md Omar Faruk khan on

    Sir,please let me know what does it exactly mean by ‘six photos of each member of your family and yourself’- does it mean that i have to submit photo of myself, my spouse, children, brother, sister, parents?

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