Off-Campus Work Permit for International Students in Canada

International student who is studying in Canada using a valid study permit may apply for Off-Campus Work Permit (OCWP) after meeting the basic eligibility criteria. Foreign student must be enrolled in a full-time study program by a qualifying Canadian college/university. The OCWP enables the international students to work 20 hours per week during full time study program.

International student must meet the following eligibility conditions before applying for Off-Campus Work Permit:

  • Possess a study permit that is valid at the time of submission of application;
  • Attend a participating college/university;
  • Must have been satisfactorily meeting all the requirements of the program;
  • Have completed full-time studies for at least 6 months out of the 12 months preceding their application;
  • Have signed consents authorizing the exchange of personal information between the institution, the provincial or territorial government, and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC);
  • Continue to meet all the requirements of their study permit and work permit, as applicable; and
  • Continue to meet the eligibility criteria while working with Off-Campus Work Permit.

Students will be entitled to work up to 20 hours a week during the regular academic year, as long as they are registered as full-time students after the approval of work permit. Furthermore, they can work full-time during scheduled study breaks such as winter or summer holidays.

Students who obtain a work permit must respect the terms and conditions of the work permit and continue to meet the eligibility criteria of the OCWP. In order to maintain eligibility, international students must:

  • Continue to be registered full-time at a qualifying institution;
  • Continue to maintain satisfactory academic requirements; and
  • Continue to abide by all other terms and conditions of the study program and their Off-Campus Work Permit.

The application for Off-Campus Work Permit can be submitted online along with the fee. International students must also obtain Social Insurance Number (SIN) before starting the off-campus employment.

International students contemplating to study in Canada should check if their college/university is a qualifying institution. Contact us and we can assist to choose a qualifying Canadian college/university matching the student’s educational/professional background and future career plans.


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