Can I Sponsor My Brothers and Sisters for Canadian Immigration?

We are asked this question many times a day. Canadian citizens and permanent residents after fulfilling the requirements to sponsor a family member can sponsor their parents. Your parents can include their dependent children (your brothers and sisters) in the immigration application to accompany them to Canada.

You may also be able to sponsor your brother or sister under the age of 18 if both of your parents are deceased.

Some Canadian provinces allow residents to sponsor brother and sisters under provincial nominee program. You need to meet certain criteria to be able to sponsor your siblings. The sponsored person must settle in the same province.

If you are considering to sponsor your brother or sister to immigrate to Canada, then we can assist your situation and suggest the best possible option suitable for your brother or sister for Canadian immigration. There are many other Canadian immigration options which do not require sponsorship. Contact us today to discuss all the possibilities for your siblings to come and live in Canada as permanent residents.



  1. good day sir/mam can i invite my mother in law for a tourist visa while my parents which is also a here as a tourist .

  2. Hi! How can i sponsore or help my brother & sister who are older than 18 yrs old. Any other ways?

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