Can I Sponsor My Brothers and Sisters for Canadian Immigration?


We are asked this question many times a day. Canadian citizens and permanent residents after fulfilling the requirements to sponsor a family member can sponsor their parents. Your parents can include their dependent children (your brothers and sisters) in the immigration application to accompany them to Canada.

You may also be able to sponsor your brother or sister under the age of 18 if both of your parents are deceased.

Some Canadian provinces allow residents to sponsor brother and sisters under provincial nominee program. You need to meet certain criteria to be able to sponsor your siblings. The sponsored person must settle in the same province.

If you are considering to sponsor your brother or sister to immigrate to Canada, then we can assist your situation and suggest the best possible option suitable for your brother or sister for Canadian immigration. There are many other Canadian immigration options which do not require sponsorship. Contact us today to discuss all the possibilities for your siblings to come and live in Canada as permanent residents.



  1. hi
    i b.pharma & i am principla applicant,but i want to do m.s in pharma so could any one tel me ie i am eligible for that to do & how

  2. Hi

    my brother in Ontario with citizenship since last 10 years, can he sponsor me from their,
    I am 41 years old and married with 3 children’s. How can we do it? Kindly guide me. thanks

  3. Hi

    I’ve been living in Ontario for 24 and I am a citizen I want to know
    how I can sponsor my younger brother who is currently at the age of 24

  4. Hii all,My elder brother got his PR under SINP project,but now he is in Vancouver..,so my brother can sponsor me under family class visa….as I am 24 / single… Pleas help….

  5. Hi
    I am a 16 year old canadian citizen currently living and studying in Toronto, Canada and my family is in Sri Lanka. Im living with my guardian and i was wondering whether i could bring my family or one of my parents to come over to Canada so i could live with them because i miss my family alot. Is it possible in any way for me to bring my family over here before im 18?

  6. Hi am 29 yrs old living in the US. I have two siblings living in Toronto,Ontario. I have no spouse, want to restart school and work in the process. I was wondering in what ways can they file for me to live in Canada?

  7. hi
    i have applied for work visa from pakistan
    i have heard that i cant apply immigration if i am on a work visa and secondly i am interested to sponser my parents and my brother who is 29 years old
    plz guide me

  8. hi
    i have applied for work visa from pakistan and i will get it soon may be in november just i want to confirm one thing that
    can i apply for immigration after completing my two years of legal stay in canada

  9. Hi, does my relative who will be sponsoring me to go to the U.S on the visitor visa B2 have to be living in the U.S ??

    Thanks :)

  10. Hi,

    I am Canadian PR status living in Toronto, My wife and baby holding Canadian passport. My father and mother passed now I want to sponsor my brother and sister those are over 25 years of age. Kindly suggest me how I can sponsor them, Do I need to change the provice?

    How many brother and sister I can sponsor?


  11. hi
    my younger brother living in missisag from last 7 years and he is already a candian citizen can he sponser me i am 39 years old and having a wife and 2 children or which type of help he can give me in the immigration proceses.


  12. Hi,
    I’m Grace,If you would please assist me
    I’m 22 years old,student,just finishing my master degree.My brother is a Canadian citizen,25 years old, He grew up there,He’s still a student, and I have enough money to take care of myself but like I said he’s a student and he doesn’t have a full-time job.I would like to move there and join him.I’m not sure what to do,I hope you can help me

  13. muhammad ISMAIL on

    My wife’s uncle is canadian national. My wife is aged 39 with 4 kids and a spouse. Could my wife’s uncle sponser my wife under family class.

  14. saira khalid on

    Hi, i m Saira,if u please assist me, my entire family are permanent residence of Ontario since last 15 years mother, three brothers ,one sister .can they sponsor me.i wish i can join them there as i feel so lonely here.i am 43 years old married with three children .please guide me . thanks

  15. HI,
    I’ve been here in Alberta for one year landed as family PR, Im wondering if I can sponsor my minor brother? My parents are both deceased.
    Thank you

  16. Hi, my sister lives in canada, Toronto and she is canadian. can she sponsor her married brother (indian) with 2 children to canada.
    Pls. let me know

  17. my name is mushtaq .i m 35 yers old have a one kid and wife. my brother leving in canada in toronto(mississaga) last 10 years having canadian blu and my wife are graduates . is he sponsor us? kindly help me and send me the detail..


  18. Hi,
    My sister has citizenship of USA, can she sponsor me, I m 32 years old, if no then how many ways to get us visa, i wanna mention that i m eager to go there..

  19. My uncle is in canada have pr can it possible he sponsering me family class visa as a nephue I’m 24 year old single

  20. Hi. My biological mother is a canadian citizen, now a pensioner, can she sponsor her.
    Single son , who is over 25 yrs old from Guyana.
    My mother has no blood relation family in Canada, she is seperated
    From her husband 6 yrs ago. My mother is the only one in Canada, with no
    Husband, father , mother, brother , sister and kids…

  21. saima shamsheer on

    hi my sister and brother lives in canada.i am marrried and i have two my sister can sponser husband left me

  22. Gurwinder singh on

    I am 24 year old single and work in dubai from last 20 months
    My mother’s brother is a canada parmanent resident can he sponser to canada

  23. Hello, I’m 16 years old,from Italy.
    My aunt (my father’s sister) has both Canadian and Italian citizenship since she’s lived in canada for many years. She goes to Canada every years for three months to visit her son’s family since his sone was born in Canada and lives now with his family – he’s married to a Canadian and two children.
    My father has lived in Canada for about seven years but he doesn’t have a citizenship. Since her sister actually possess one is it possible for my father to get a Canadian Citizenship? And then Could I get one being his son, or at least a permission to go to Canada without limit?
    Thank you for your help.

  24. i am a nigerian married with 4 children. my wife brother and the wife are Canadian Citizen. Please can they sponsor my family to immigrate to canada to live and work.
    if not how will they assist us to live in Canada.

  25. Hi my name is naila i just wanted to know if my sister in ontario for the last 24 years can sponsor me in the uk to come and live there? I have dependents too

  26. How can i sponsor my sister with 2 kids from india. I am canadian sister living in canada with my spouse and 2 kids for 5 years.

    Pls suggest

  27. How can I sponsor my sister with 2 kids from India. I am permanent here with my kids and husband from 6y I don’t have much money pls suggest me in a easy to

  28. Raigan George on

    I am a 30 yrs old and married.My sister is a PR holder @ Canada,Can she sponsor me to reach there@ canada?

  29. Jaskaran sidhu on

    Iam 21 and iam a international student in canada, alberta and my sister is a permanent resident in canada. Is there any way that she can sponsor me in family class. As chic website is to confusing i would like if someone can help… Just wanna know if she can?

  30. Hi,
    I am studying in the UK and I need to go to Canada, where my sister is a Canadian citizen. Can she sponsor me and my family (wife and two children) to go to Canada.

  31. Andrew Bivash D Rozario on

    My brother is Canadian Citizen and living with his family for eight years. Now he is running his personal business at canada.
    Recently he sponsored our parents. Do you think he can sponsor me and my wife and one child of 1 and half year old ?
    ANdrew Bivash D Rozario.
    dhaka, bangladesh.

  32. Hi, im 34 years old,pilipino Citizen,i have a partner with 2 kids and 4 months pregnant,my sister sponsor my parent and now already Canadian Citizen, im a younger. can u help me give me in the immigration proceses.

  33. I am a Canadian citizen and single. Some years back I sponsored my mother as a permanent resident but she has now gone back to India due to poor health. I would like to sponsor my brother age 53 who is single and works as a manager for an airline in India. Would I be able to sponsor him?. I have a decent income in Canada and he will live with me.

    Thank you

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