Canada is Reducing Residency Time for Immigrants to Become Citizens

proposed changes in Canada citizenship act It is a good news for immigrants who currently have to wait for minimum of 4 years before apply to become Canadian citizens. New Liberal government has introduced legislature that would repeal the provisions to reduce the permanent residency period from 4 years to 3 years. That is not all, the requirement of language proficiency for come people will no longer be required to obtain Canadian citizenship.

Canadian immigration minister said last week that amendments in Canadian Citizenship Act has been tabled in Parliament to reduce the residency requirement from 4 years in 6 years to 3 years in 5 years. The requirement of staying in Canada for minimum period of 183 days in a year during the last 4 years being considered for Canadian citizenship will also be removed.

Previous Canadian government changed the age bracket for Canadian official language proficiency to include immigrants from 14 years to 64 years of ages. The new age range will be 18-54 years.

The provision of repealing the Canadian citizenship and deporting the convicted terrorists with dual nationalities is being removed from the Canadian Citizenship Act. This provision was a dangerous change in the citizenship law which created two tiered citizens – Canadian citizens who immigrated to Canada and citizens who were born Canadians.

The new amendments would no longer allow the time spent under conditional sentence to be counted towards residency obligation for the purpose of Canadian citizenship.

On the other hand temporary foreign residents will be allowed to use the time spent in Canada before becoming permanent residents towards required 3 years period.

New Canadian government holds majority seats in the Parliament and there is no way that new amendments will not become law in near future. The changes to repeal the provisions to make it difficult for new immigrants to become Canadian citizens is a positive step in right direction.



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