Canada Skilled Worker Immigration with Arranged Employment

Canadian Minister for Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenney has announced that only applicants with Arranged Employment Opinion approved by HRSDC will be able to apply for Canadian immigration under the federal skilled worker class.

Applicants without approved arranged employment opinion will have to wait till January 2013 when the new programme will be introduced. The list of eligible professions for federal skilled worker class will also be updated later.

The applicants with approved arranged employment opinion must meet other eligibility criteria such as age, education, experience, language skills and adaptability and score minimum 67 score out of 100.

Under the existing point system, applicants with arranged employment opinion can obtain up to 10+5 additional points on the six selection factors.

Only employers in Canada can apply to Human Resources and Skill Development Canada to obtain the approval for Arranged Employment Opinion.

Once the employer has received the approval of AEO, then applicant can submit the application package to the Centralized Intake Office in Sydney in  Nova Scotia, Canada.

Once the application has been assessed for completeness and eligibility criteria, it is forwarded to the concerned visa office which will make the final decision on the application after completing the medical and security checks.

Last year Canada set the quota of 10,000 applications under the Federal Skilled worker class, however, the quota was only for applicants without job offer. As this year Canada has paused the skilled worker immigration programme for applicants without job offer and quota will start in January 2013 and not on July 1, 2012.

In the mean time the Citizenship and Immigration Canada will work on reducing the backlog of Canadian immigration applications.

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  1. Shahed khan on

    I am writing for my daughter.She is 29 & did her A levels from Edexcel,UK & did her 4 year Honours in Computer science from the Govt’s National university in Bangladesh.
    After ‘A’ levels she worked in a FINNISH company based in Bangladesh,for a few months.Besides which she did freelancing jobs.
    Then she joined college for her Honours ,the result of which was published in December 2012.
    Now she is again working for the last 6 months in a regular job.
    Will her period of employment be counted only for 6 months or will her other employments also be counted when the tenure of work is calculated.
    She fits into:New List of High Demand Occupations for Canadian Immigration
    • 2147 Computer engineers (except software engineers/designers)
    • 2174 Computer programmers and interactive media developers.
    How can i find which category is nearest to her work?
    -Can you help in getting ‘Arranged employment offer’?
    -Expenses >How do you calculate expenses to be paid to you & when does the payments start?

  2. hi i m waqas haider from Pakistan I ve done MS in Network security I ve written about 17 publications. im doing a job as research associate at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology wah for four years can i get job in canada

  3. I am looking for job sponsor, I have master degree with 4 yrs of exp, from last two years I was working in DUBAI, UAE

  4. hi i have diploma in ekectronics and 2 years experience now i work in small electronic shop as well as i have 5 bands in ielts can i come canada on pr basis? i want better future!! must rply

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