Canadian Investor Immigration Program

Every year Canada welcomes a significant number of investors and entrepreneurs through immigration. If you are an investor or business person and have desires to move to a place where you can not only enjoy better life but also grow your business. Here are the top five reasons to immigrate to Canada as an investor.

1. Relatively Strong Canadian Economy:
Canada, according to Consensus Economics, has been a top performer among the G7 in GDP growth over the 2006-09 period and is expected to remain so through 2010-11. Strong economic growth and rising demand for Canadian commodities over the last decade have not only helped generate healthy gains in employment but also keep the inflation rate at a low level averaging 2.3%.

The Canadian Business Prosperity Potential Index measured the likelihood of economic prosperity in the year 2020 for 30 developed countries and Canada ranked first in the G7 and 6th among 30 developed countries studied.

2. Cost-Competitive Business Conditions:
Canada is the best place for doing business among the G7 over the next five years according to the Economist Intelligence Unit and also ranks well for its infrastructure, market opportunities, low taxes, and foreign trade and exchange controls.

Canada is considered one of the world’s safest countries to invest, requires the lowest number of procedures for establishing a new business with the lowest business costs among G7 countries. Establishing a new business requires the fewest number of days among the G7 countries.

3. A Dynamic and Educated Workforce:
Canada has the highest percentage of individuals achieving at least college or university education, among Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) member countries. Moreover, Canada has the highest concentration of entrepreneurs within its working population.

4. Easy Access to International Markets:
Canada has a solid infrastructure that attracts significant foreign direct investment for industries and oil and gas extraction each year. Canadian-based businesses have access to one market of 444 million consumers with a combined GDP of about US$16.7 trillion. Canada has launched the Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative in 2006 to strengthen Canada’s position as a fast, efficient and secure gateway between North America and Asia.

5. The Most Desirable Country to Live:
Canada is one of the most desirable location to live, work, study and invest and has the best overall quality of life among G7 countries with exceptional quality of life in cities and health and sanitation standards. Canada is a leader in human development and ranks highest among G7 leaders in terms of the safest place to live and conduct business with the most fairly administered judicial system. Canada is a land of equal opportunity and a society rich in multiculturalism.

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