Changes to Canadian Live-in Caregiver Program

Government of Canada has made changes to the laws governing live-in caregivers working in Canada under the Live-in Caregiver Program effective April 01, 2010.

The live-in Caregivers now have following two options for calculating their work experience to become eligible for application as permanent resident:

  • 24 months of authorized full-time employment, or
  • a total of 3,900 hours of authorized full-time employment.

The live-in Caregivers now have four years from their date of arrival to complete the employment requirement to be eligible for permanent residence under the Program; and they are no longer required to undergo the standard mandatory requirement for a second medical exam when applying for permanent residence.

This is good opportunity for all the live-in caregivers who want to work in Canada as well make it their home as permanent resident and eventually the Canadian Citizens. Any live-in caregiver should not miss this opportunity to live permanently in one of the best countries in the world with highest living standards.

The new reforms will provide protection to nannies in Canada and it is good thing that they won’t have to go through second medical exam. If the nanny is Ontario and employer tries to recover the fees from nanny, well then the employer should be prepared to pay $50,000 in fine and spend one year in jail. So, the question is will there be any Canadian employer after the new changes?

I believe that a very few Canadian employers will take the risk of paying all the fees involved in hiring a foreign live-in caregiver, pay the airfare to Canada and medical expenses for the first three months and at the same time hope that their nanny will not change mind soon after arrival to change the employer?

The new changes are made with good intentions, but without Canadian employers there will be no foreign live-in caregiver to benefit from these changes.



  1. Hi! I would like to ask, if a live-in caregiver as stated in the contract should stay w/ the employer, is it possible for her to live-out?
    is there any legal issues w/ regards to this?

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