Comparison of Canada and UK Immigrant Investor Programs

Canada has doubled the financial requirements for its Immigrant Investor Program effective from December 1, 2010. Does it make Canada Immigrant Investor program financially less attractive to potential business persons seeking to get immigration? Canada still offers a very competitive immigrant investor program that has many benefits compared to other programs such as one offered by UK.

Following is a comparison of Canadian and UK immigrant investor programs to provide an overview of both the programs for investors considering to choose one.

Program Canadian immigrant investor program UK immigrant investor program
Required Net worth $1,600,000 £2,000,000
Investment $800,000 £1,000,000
Financing Option $220,000* £170,000
Application Fee $1050 (Principal applicant) 

$550 (Family member 22years old or under but married)

$150 (Under 22 years and unmarried)

$490 RPR fee for applicant and spouse

£690 for each person
Processing time 18 months 18-20 months
Required residency 2 years in 5 years 9 months per year
Time required to qualify for citizenship 3 years in 4 years 6 years

Considering the Exchange Rate of 1Canadian Dollar = 0.64 Great Britain Pound, the UK Immigrant Investor Program requires more financing as compared to Canadian Investor Immigrant Program. If you need any further information to assist you make your decision about the right immigrant investor program for you, contact us for no obligation consultation and we will provide answers to your all questions. You should consider Canada as an investor for these 5 reasons. We can assist you from assessment, application preparation and submission to facilitating you in your new home in Canada.

* The financing amount may vary with interest rate.


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