Get Canadian Immigration through MPNP for International Students

International students planning to study abroad must consider Canada for studies due to its exceptional education system, lower educational and living costs, safety and opportunities to become Canadian citizen.

The Canadian province of Manitoba has its own program for international students who who have completed a post-secondary program for which they earned a certificate, diploma or degree at a publicly funded Manitoba institution can apply to the MPNP with priority assessment. The students must meet all the requirements associated with each of the following two programs.

1. International Student Strategic Initiative
Manitoba has launched International Student Strategic Initiative that is designed for the graduate foreign students to find a full time work in Manitoba related to their field of study and settle in Manitoba. The program is designed for those international graduates who are not currently working.

Any foreign student who has completed all the requirements of a two year study program in Manitoba and are eligible for graduation and have registered for Manitoba Immigration’s employment readiness program can apply for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) after successfully completing the program.

International student must apply for post-graduation work permit but does not need to have a job.

International student must have lived and studied in Manitoba for at least two years. This means the following are not eligible:

  • Graduates of a Master’s program of less than two years
  • Graduates who transferred credits from another province and have not been living and studying in Manitoba for at least two years
  • Graduates of an accelerated program (that is, students who completed a two-year program in one year.)
  • Graduates who have returned to school full time

Space is limited for the pilot phase of the employment readiness program and qualified applicants will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. International graduates meeting the program requirements should apply as soon as possible to take advantage of this priority processing stream.


2. Regular International Student Stream
International student who had a study program of at least one year from Manitoba educational institutes, and have received a formal offer of long-term, full-time employment from a Manitoba employer and have been working for that employer for at least six months with a valid post-graduation work permit can apply immediately to the MPNP.

The international students working in occupations which are semi-skilled level must also meet the minimum language requirements.

If you do not meet the eligibility criteria of MPNP, you may consider other options for Canadian immigration. Contact us today to find out all the possible immigration possibilities.


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  1. Under Regular International student stream, what are primary requirements? Is there any condition of work related to study field?

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