How many days I have to stay in Canada to maintain Permanent Residence Status?

The residency obligation for permanent residents is outlined in Immigration and Refugee Protection Act s.28. A permanent resident has the obligation under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act to physically present in Canada for 730 days in each preceding period of five years.

In certain cases, the permanent resident’s stay outside Canada may be counted towards the residency obligation. Some of those circumstances are following:

  • Accompanying a Canadian citizen spouse/common-law partner, or
  • As a child accompanying a Permanent Resident or Canadian Citizen parent, or
  • By employment on a full-time basis with a Canadian business or the Public Service of Canada or of a province, or
  • By accompanying a Canadian Permanent Resident who is outside Canada and who is employed on a full-time basis by a Canadian business or the Public Service of Canada , as the employee’s spouse/common-law partner or child.

Please note that the residency days calculation for a person who has been a Canadian Permanent Resident for five years, or more than 5 years are limited to the 5 years immediately preceding the examination. Persons who have been Canadian Permanent Residents for less than five years have to demonstrate that they will be able to meet the residency requirement during the 5 years period immediately following their becoming a Canadian Permanent Resident.



  1. I landed on 13 th June,2009 and stayed at canada for 70 days and back to India and wants to go again on 15th September,2012 and stay up to 15th July, 2014.PR expires on 07 JUly,2014.Can I maintain PR status.Please reply.Thanks
    Pravin Patel

  2. I want know that if in PR renewal a spouse’s days are complete for PR renewal ie 730 days in 5 years, and principal applicant’s days of stay in Canada in 5 years are less than 730 days in 5 years, as he was away to his
    parents place to look after them as they were sick and being the only son of his parents ha had to stay with them to take care of them.
    Sir, can he can his PR renewal for another 5 years.

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