How Much It Costs to Apply for Canadian Citizenship?

Canada citizenship fee Parkash is so excited to find out that he is eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship and want to submit application as soon as possible. Parkash is married to Renu and has a son Raj who is 12 years old. Both also have permanent resident status and moved to Canada with him. He has collected the requirement documents and now have to calculate the applicable processing fees. He was wondering how much it will cost and how to calculate the fee for all the family members. We will show how to calculate the total Citizenship application fee and how to pay it. It is very important to pay the required amount to avoid unnecessary delays in processing.

Canadian Citizenship Fee

There are two types of fees required for the Canadian citizenship application, one is processing fee and second is Right of Citizenship fee. Processing fee is non refundable and cannot be returned once the processing of the citizenship fee has started. However, Right of Citizenship is refundable and in case application is refused, it is returned.

For adults aged 18 years and over, the Citizenship application processing fee is $530 and $100 is Right of Citizenship fee. So total fee which an adult applicant must submit is $630.

For applicants under the age of 18 years, the processing fee is only $100 and there is no Right of Citizenship fee.

Now Parkash has three family members. Two are adults and one is minor under the age of 18 years. The fee he needs to pay with the application will be following:

Parkash: $630
Wife (Renu) : $630
Son (Raj) : $100
Total : $1360

Parkash will have to pay $1360 with his Canadian citizenship fee.  He can pay the fee online using any valid credit card such as VISA or Master. He must print the receipt of the payment online and attach the receipt with the Canadian citizenship application.

Consider another example of a family of 5 persons with 3 minors and two adults. In this case, the total application fee will be ($630+$630+$100+$100+$100) $1560.

If the applicant send no fee with application or submit insufficient fee, the application is not processed and is returned. However, if the applicant makes overpayment, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will start processing the application but will refund the amount which is overpaid.

Always check the Citizenship and Immigration website for latest information on requirement fee for Canadian Citizenship fee. If you need more information regard Canadian citizenship, you can also Contact us.



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