No Medical Exam for Most long-term Mexican visitors to Canada

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has announced that most long-term visitors from Mexico, Croatia, the Bahamas and 42 other countries and territories can now enter Canada without a medical exam. In addition, medical exams will no longer be required for agricultural workers from those 45 countries and territories.

The medical examination requirement remains in place for all temporary residents who will be working in an occupation in which the protection of public health is essential. This includes workers in the health sciences field and those working with children.

“Today’s changes will improve the free movement of people to Canada, while at the same time maintaining the integrity and fairness of our immigration system,” said Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.

Effective immediately, the following countries or territories are removed from the designated country/territory list:

* Ascencion
* Austral Islands
* Azores
* Bahamas
* Balearic Islands
* Bora Bora
* Bulgaria
* Canary Islands
* Chagos Archipelago
* Christmas Island
* Croatia
* Easter Island
* Estonia
* French Guiana
* Gambier Islands
* Huahine
* Iran
* Johnston Atoll
* Kerguelen Islands
* Loyalty Islands
* Macedonia
* Madeira
* Marquesas Islands
* Makatea
* Maupiti
* Mexico
* Midway Island
* Montenegro
* New Caledonia
* Northern Sinai
* Oman
* Raiatea
* Reunion
* Saudi Arabia
* Serbia
* Singapore
* Society Archipelago
* St. Helena
* Syrian Arab Republic
* Tahaa
* Tahiti
* Tristan Da Cunha
* Tuamotu Archipelago
* Wake Island
* West Bank and Gaza Strip

The new changes will allow the citizens of the above countries and territories visit Canada for longer term without long delays and extra expenses required to undergo a medical exam.


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