Open Work Permit for Canada Immigration Sponsored Spouses

open work permit Canada launched a one year pilot project to grant open work permits to the spouses who have been sponsored for Canada immigration through in Canada class while they are waiting for the final decision on their sponsorship application.  The open work permit will allow the spouses to work in Canada and avail certain additional benefits such as provincial health care.  Citizenship and Immigration Canada will evaluate the pilot program in December 2015 for further decision.

The applicants of Souse or Common-law partner in Canada Class who are applying after December 2014 have to submit application for Canadian permanent residence and open work permit simultaneously to the Case Processing Center in Mississauga.  time. If the application was submitted prior to launch of the pilot project in December 2014, then spouses can submit application for open work permit. The applications would be processed in about four months time.

Eligibility Criteria:

Citizenship and Immigration Canada will issue open work permit to eligible foreign nationals who have submitted an application for permanent residence under the spouse or common-law partner in Canada (SCLPC) class provided that applicants meet the following requirements:

  • a PR application has been submitted under the SCLPC class;
  • a Canadian citizen or permanent resident spouse has submitted a sponsorship application on their behalf;
  • the SCLPC applicant resides at the same address as the sponsor;
  • the SCLPC applicant has valid temporary resident status (as a visitor, student or worker); and
  • the applicant meets the medical requirements.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada will ensure that the requirements for issuance of open work permit are met.  Systems check are conducted to identify any adverse information on either the sponsor or the applicant that would render the applicant ineligible to receive an open work permit. In case the applicant is found to eb inadmissible, the application for open work permit will result in rejection.

Validity of Open Work Permits:

The open work permits will be valid for 2 years or until the date the SCLPC applicant’s passport expires, whichever is earliest.

You can apply for open work permit online or submit the paper application. You can also contact us if you need any further information.


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