Study, Work and Live in Canada

Why Canada?
Canada is ranked by the United Nations as one of the best places to live, with high standard of living, tolerant society, vibrant economy and vast beauty. Canada is a bilingual nation with both French and English as official languages at the federal level making it a very cosmopolitan society, Canadians are famous for their Good Behavior, people are overwhelmingly quiet and well behaved.

Health Care
As a liberal democracy, Canada cares deeply about the welfare of its citizens. Its publicly funded health insurance system is a great source of pride. Known as medicare, it provides basic health care to all. Funded jointly by the federal and provincial governments, it is administered by the individual provinces in response to the needs of its local populations. Anyone with a permanent resident’s visa is eligible for medicare.  Senior Citizens are cared-for priority and there is no comparison to UK or rest of the world with the level of services for the elderly.

Education System
Schooling is free for citizens and permanent residents from kindergarten through high school. In Quebec, college level education is also free to Quebec residents. While tuition is charged for Canadian universities, the cost of a high-quality university education here is considerably less than in the United States. Unlike foreign students, children of permanent residents benefit from the same low tuition as Canadian citizens. Student loans, bursaries and scholarships are available for those needing financial help.

Canada is one of the safest place to live and raise family. Safety is one the top reason why people from all around the world choose Canada as their new home.

Canadian Permanent Residence

Following are different ways to obtain Canadian Permanent Residence and become Canadian Citizen after completing the residency requirements:

Financing Opportunities for Investor Immigrant Programs:
To provide Fast Track and Optimized financing service to our clients we have partnered with National Bank Financial, which is one of the most respected operator for Canada’s Immigrant Investor Program and also a Canadian Government approved facilitator.

National Bank Financial is one of Canada’s leading investment firms. The immigrant Investor Program, established in 1986, is one of many innovative services offered by National Bank Financial. As Certified Agent of National Bank Financial, Canada, we can provide a very competitive financing package for those investors who do not wish to liquidate their assets to invest  $800,000.

The fact that “children are our future no matter where we come from” is at the heart of National Bank Financial thus providing the clients with options to secure the future of their children.

Visiting Canada
One best thing about Canada is the weather, there has been a lot of talk lately about global warming, and if there’s one place that can benefit from a few degrees year-round has to be Canada. Accompanied by the great outdoors, there are more lakes, mountains, plains, rivers, coastline, glaciers, bears, wolves, cougars, and other wildlife than almost anywhere else in the world in fact Canada has the longest coast line in the world, which makes Canada among most popular tourist destination in the world and the most desirable country to live. Consequently the Average life expectancy of a Canadian is 81.5 years the highest in the world main reason being the high quality of environment and life.

Choosing the Appropriate Consultant:
When it comes to apply for immigration choosing the right consultant is the name of the game. Always check if your consultant is authorized to work as an immigration consultant. With Brilliancy Immigration our clients are always entertained by a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). Consequently our clients do not have to worry about choosing the right consultant.

Brilliancy Immigration is dedicated to provide consultancy based services to our clients using in-house resources.   We have a dedicated and experienced Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant to deal with our prestige clients  and provide flawless services, which also acts as a competitive edge for Brilliancy Immigration over other Immigration Consultants operating in Pakistan.


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