Video Instructions

Basics of Application Forms:

Applicants planning to apply for Canadian immigration, work permit, study permit or visit visa must ensure that they complete the forms without leaving any field blank.

Here is a basic video tutorial to guide the applicants about filling out the application forms.

How to Avoid Delays in Processing?

The processing time of applications can take longer than usual if complete application package is not submitted. In some cases, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will return the package without processing that can increase the processing time significantly. As application package will have to be sent again with all the required information and documentation.

Save time:  Send complete application forms.

Must Do Things after Arriving in Canada:

Congratulations! your application for permanent residence has been approved and now you are coming to Canada to live here permanently.

Here are some step by step instructions to enable new comers to settle in Canada during the first two weeks in Canada. The new comers can find a number of useful resources that can assist them to establish in Canada.

You will learn about things such as applying for health card, social insurance number, opening bank account, finding employment in Canada.


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