What is Canada Family Sponsorship?

The permanent residents or citizens of Canada can sponsor their relatives under the family class immigration program provided that they are 18 years or older and have financial resources to support their sponsored relatives.

Furthermore, sponsor has to sign a sponsorship agreement with the government of Canada for the following periods of time:

  • For spouses, conjugal partners or common-law partners – Three (3) Years,
  • For parents and Grandparents – Twenty (20) Years
  • For all other eligible relationships – Ten (10) Years.

Persons sponsoring a spouse, a conjugal partner, or a common-law partner who do not have any dependents, or a child, are not required to meet the minimum level of income.

Following relatives are included in the Canadian family class sponsorship as defined in Immigration and Refugee Protection Act Regulations 117(1)(a)-(h):

Spouse, Common-law Partner, Conjugal Partner: The sponsor must be married legally to the applicant in order to be considered as sponsor’s spouse. The marriage must be recognized legally by the country in which it was administered if it took place out side Canada.

A Canadian citizen or permanent resident who has lived with a person in a conjugal relationship for a minimum one year may become eligible to sponsor common-law partner. It still may be possible to sponsor a conjugal partner even if sponsor has not been able to lived with conjugal partner continually for one year due to extenuating circumstances.

Children: The children are considered dependent if they are under 22 years and not married and can be sponsored. Children older than 22 years may be sponsored, if they are studying full time and are substantially dependent on sponsor for their financial need.

Sponsor’s mother and father
: You can sponsor your parents (mother and father) to immigrate to Canada and live with you. You can not sponsor your siblings directly under the Canadian Family Class. You can only sponsor your siblings under 19 years as accompanying dependents of sponsored parents.

Grandparents: The mother or father of the mother or father of the sponsor. CIC has started accepting application for sponsorship for Grandparents from January 2, 2014. You can also apply for Super Visa effective December 1, 2011.

Orphans: You can sponsor a sibling, niece or nephew, or a grandchild if both of their parents have passed away and they unmarried and 18 years old or younger.

Adopted Children: You may sponsor a person under 18 years of age if you have intention to adopt him/her in Canada.

Other Relative: If you do not have any relative who is living abroad or in Canada who is eligible for sponsorship under Canadian Family Class, then you may be able to sponsor one any relative. The condition of age does not apply in this case.

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  2. I am married having spouse and 3 children aging from 18 years to 2.5 years. I and my wife are Master degree holders. My elder brother is candian citizen and my mother and younger brother are US citizen. My mother in Law and brother in law are US citizen and one of my brother in law is cancdian citizen.

    Guide for swift permanent immigration to Canada.

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