You Must Show Your Face During Canadian Citizenship Oath

oath of Citizenship Act Citizenship and Immigration Canada has introduced Oath of Citizenship Act last June to ensure that new Canadian citizens publicly demonstrate their commitment to adopting and upholding Canadian values. Some Muslim women use niqab and hide their face while in public gatherings such as Citizenship oath ceremonies. The permanent residents with Islamic faith and using niqab or veil to hide their faces will be forced to uncover their faces during the Canadian citizenship oath ceremonies to sworn in as new citizens.

The only reason to introduce the Oath of Citizenship Act tabled by Canadian government is to make all the citizenship oath takers to make the commitment with their faces uncovered so that others can see them declaring their allegiance to their new country, Canada.

Canadian citizenship oath is the requirement of becoming Canadian citizen to obtain all the privileges associated with the Canadian citizenship. No one can become a Canadian citizen without taking the oath of Canadian citizenship.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada states that majority of the Canadians believe new citizens should be seen and heard taking the Oath of Citizenship and that is the logic behind introducing the Oath of Citizenship Act.

Tim Uppal, Minister of State for Multiculturalism, said in a statement, “Canadians expect that new citizens should show their face when swearing or affirming the Oath in community with others, at the very moment they become part of the Canadian family.”

“This means they are committing publicly to embracing Canada’s values and traditions, including the equality of men and women,” Tim Uppal added.

Only some Muslim women wear niqab and the Oath of Citizenship Act will force them to abandon all face coverings during the citizenship oath ceremonies.


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